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Adoption support service

This service is offered to help you find the perfect companion for you and / or your family. Whether from a breeder or a shelter, a behavior specialist can point you in the right direction with your new dog. Here’s what this service includes:


  1. A study will be conducted according to your preferences in dogs: breed, size, maintenance, energy, etc. Depending on your routine, your needs, your activity level or time off, the coach will help you choose the best choice to get a relationship between human and dog a success.
  2. An in-depth research will be conducted with breeders and in shelters. Subsequently, a guided tour will be made to observe the dogs and choose the right according to your lifestyle.
  3. Following the adoption, an integration course for adult dogs and / or a puppy class will be included in order to continue your learning as easy as possible with the same professional who has followed you since the beginning of the service .

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