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Melanie Ferreira, owner of Canine Centre Ferreira:

Graduated as a Canine behaviour coach, Animal health Technician and Pet Groomer.


My story, my motivation:

Since birth, I have a huge passion for dogs. I have observed over the years all kinds of dogs: from the smallest to the largest of all possible types of personalities, health problems, behavioral, disease, etc. My studies have led me to understand them, to know their needs, etc. The experience I’ve owned from working in several jobs with animals (veterinarian clinics, kennels, pet store, breeding) gave me a complete background, helpful and efficient so I can take care of your dog and help you understand them. I want the well being of dogs and happiness of their master. Provide services and products of better quality to make the customers happy.

Welcome to Centre Canin Ferreira.

Dog training based on POSITIVE reinforcement, a gentle method.



The dogs will always be the man’s best friend but the dog will be whole with a good education, enrichment, good hygiene, etc. I would be delighted to help you with more services or if you have questions about your pet! I give consults at my center. Also, my home travel is also available around Laval and Montreal with pleasure.

I continue my studies in behavior and grooming, gaining more aknowlegement to guide you and your dog.


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